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I currently am living in Louisiana, and even though we were not even close to being hit, have to share my experiences with Katrina. I am a Program Facilitator with one of the school districts and spent most of the morning in a meeting to determine how to help and handle all of the displaced people/students.

Our shelters are overflowing with people and weíve been told to expect more. There isnít enough space, food, water, linens, hygiene supplies, etc. Even getting the students into our schools will be a problem - no space, not enough teachers, transportation, food, clothes, books, supplies etc. Many of our employees and students have family they havenít heard from. Today, we found out that one of the Administrative staff lost at least one family member and still hasnít heard from another.

Many who have survived have lost everything. I use to think that meant home, pictures, cars Ė material possessions. Now I know it means so much more - a way of life.

I know I have rambled. But as I sit here, I realize how fortunate my family is tonight. We havenít lost anyone, we have our homes, we have our jobs, and we know how we will make it through tomorrow.
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