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Yarn substitution question
I promise I'll get this yarn subbing down one of these days...

OK, so I want to make this ADORABLE jacket from Debbie Bliss' The Baby Knits Book. I think this will be a good intro to cable stitch.

My question: the pattern calls for her merino aran yarn, which is a little on the $$$ side (especially since I'll need 6 balls of the stuff, and I'd like to get a few extra to make a matching hat.) So, I was looking at knitpick's Andean Silk. It seems to be the same weight...aran and worsted are like the same, no? Do you think this yarn sub will work?

Oh, and another question, has anyone here used Knitpick's Palette? I want to make matching teddy bears for DD and my friend's son (the babies share a birthday, so we do corney stuff like that.) Is this stuff soft? I was wondering how it knits up...I the colors, and it's el-cheapo, which my wallet even more. haha.

Thanks, yo.
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