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Rose Trellis Shawl
~I searched but couldn't find mention of this one anywhere~


I've started it twice already, and frogged back from line 21 about 3 times. I keep ending up with either too many or not enough stitches no matter HOW carefully I think I've counted! [no, no lifeline but yes, I had markers ALL over each section, and each repeat]

As I look at the sides of the chart [not the repeat] I come up with odd numbers of stitches that you'll: 1. need and, 2. end up with. [For example, if I read the first section on row one, I will need two stitches and end up with three? But on row 3 I will only need two stitches... but I will have three!]

Has anyone else made this shawl? And most importantly, am I just completely reading the chart wrong and ending up with too many/too few stitches for the next row?
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