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KH Monthly Challenge: September
In celebration of the autumnal equinox, johnny appleseed's birthday, and back-to-school, your challenge this month is to knit the forbidden fruit... an apple!!

For inspritation:
The modern tradition of tossing rice at the happy couple evolved from an ancient practice of throwing apples at weddings likely to the relief of the newlyweds

Greek and Roman mythology referred to apples as symbols of love and beauty.

The world's larges apple peel was created by 16-year-old Kathy Wafler Madison on October 16, 1976, in Rochester, NY. It was 172 feet, 4 inches long.

saac Newton was supposedly sitting under an apple tree when he thought up the law of gravity

Apples are fat, sodium, and cholesterol free

In Latin, "apple" and "evil" sound the same... perhaps this is how the apple became central to the Garden of Eden.

I will be knitting Eve's Bag by Mary Bruner from my bagatelle . The pattern isn't available ont he website, but I bought it at Wool and Company . I actually purchased the pattern months ago--I'm using manos in an earthy-looking colorway instead of black-- and as soon as I have time to knit, I'm starting this!!!

Remember, you don't have to change your current project to join in the challenge! The challenge is to incorporate the KAL into whatever you are currently knitting... add an apple to your clogs, knit an apple-shaped dishcloth... you can use a part of the apple for your inspiration, like the color red, or the star-shape of the seeds in the apple's cross section. Be creative!

Happy Knitting!
I'm back!
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