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Oooooooh, I LOVE that! Hmm, I'm thinking I'll have to make 2 baby blankets now! :XX:

I wonder though, what do they mean by:

"Next round, make 1 stitch in each stitch (10 stitches)."

What kind of increase do you do there? And does Amy have a video for that? Or is it just any increase you want? I'm not much good at increases :(

Oh, and thanks everybody! I started the checkerboard blanket last night, but I think I messed up the second square (I was watching Law & Order...LOVE that show...and got slightly distracted). But it's hardly noticeable. Still, the OCD in me is saying "Frog it! Frog it! Just Frog it!!!" Ahh, who knows. Although I'd hate to think that I knitted til my right ring finger was seriously numb for nothing! (BTW, 12 hours later, that finger's still that normal???)

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