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found this on the site:
It is important to us that the origins of this ministry be honored. We have worked diligently to keep this

ministry a 'grass-roots' effort. These shawls are meant to be given away unconditionally and NOT to be sold for profit.

The information on this site is provided freely for your personal use. All the material on this site is copyright protected.

If you would like to duplicate, distribute, or display any part of this material outside of personal use, you must contact the Shawl Ministry first.

All copied material that is used for 'personal use' must have the Shawl Ministry web address ( and credit given to the authors.
Web Site Notice:

Recently, a yarn manufacturer advertised a special
promotion for their yarn and a book.
It is important for you to know that the Shawl Ministry
is not profiting from this, nor is this ministry a commercial venture
I wouldn't sell a "prayer shawl". I'd just sell a shawl.

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