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hiding the tail
There's also a great technique for enclosing the tail (great when changing colors, or adding a new skein) described in the book, "Domino Knitting". I don't think I can explain it well :( , but I'll try. It involves holding the tail yarn in your left hand, behind the work (only works when you're working the right side) and you place the needle through the stitch and when you pick up the working yarn, do so (for the first stitch) under the tail yarn, then with the next stitch place the needle through the stitch and pick up the working yarn over the tail yarn. Then go under the tail for the 3rd stitch and so on.
If any one understands this, you must be psychic. :o Sorry, best to pick up the book in a shop and :study: read the author's instructions. I use it all the time, but if you do it on the wrong side, it will show, especially if the tail yarn is a different color.
I like this technique because it gets rid of those pesky tails immediately .
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