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'Nother newbie here. :D I love this site!!!

I taught myself to knit (continental) from a book about 3 years ago. I am not particularly good :rollseyes: and seem to have a number of idiosyncracies to my knitting style (probably due to the fact of having learned from a book - it's hard to really tell how to do things just from pictures!). I mostly do garter stitch, and am the queen of unfinished projects. I started a baby blanket when I was 8 months pregnant with twin boys. I finished it last week. My sons are 15.5 months old. My original idea was that I would do two. I also just recently finished the first project I ever started on (3 years ago) - a tote bag. Only it's an overstatement to say that I finished it because I haven't yet seamed it together....

Last Christmas I got really into knitting again (having mostly set it aside for awhile since I don't feel I'm very good or productive) and made four scarves as presents (all garter stitch, of course, but they were novelty yarns so they looked pretty nice). Now that fall is here, I'm in a knitting mood again and am ready to get the basics learned/relearned the right way. Enter this site.

So I'm getting ready to crank out some dishclothes, and maybe a couple of toddler scarves for my sons, to try to really get some of my kinks worked out. I'd also really, really like to do a prayer shawl for my SIL, whose husband (my dh's dear brother) died 5 years ago this December (on SIL's bday). I'd like to have the shawl done in time to give it to her on her bday/anniversary of his death. I'd like it to be really nice and hope I can figure out how to work through some of my problems (like crooked edges and uneven stitches).

Wow. I didn't mean to make this such a long introduction! Well, if you're still reading, a few basic facts about me: been married to dh for 4.5 years, we have twin 15.5 month old twin boys (Rob and Charlie, who make every day both a joy and an adventuure), and I am a minister (dh and I copastor a church in Ann Arbor, Michigan). Looking forward to learning from all your knitters! :XX:
~Stacey~ In love with my three fellas - dh Paul and twin 3 year-olds Rob and Charlie.

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