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yikes, did I pick up stitches wrong? with a crochet hook...
Oh shoot. I was so pleased with myself but now I think I did it wrong.
(INgriiiiiiid!) Um, I'm done with the body of the shrug from Interweave Magazine, and now am supposed to pick up 79 stitches along the selvedge edge. (what the heck does selvedge mean)

wait.... I'm getting off topic! So it's hard to pick up stitches with just the knitting needle so I used a crochet hook but now I think, after watching Amy's video, that I didn't 'knit' as I went along. I just pulled a loop through with the crochet hook and then put stitches onto my circular after I had about 10 or 20 picked up. So I guess I didn't knit them on. Is that right? So I made a mistake and have to knit them as I go?

ohhhhhhhh and I was all ready to finally try this ......


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