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Grafting the Toe
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this is where i have bought all my addis from

i have two sets of interchangeable boyes and i love them. i got the addis because boyes don't get as small as 16". I have 4 more pairs that i want that i can't find at a price i like and i will have all the circs i need.

i started using them because that is what the lady who taught me to knit handed me. she gave me bamboo. i don't use the bamboos much anymore now except with slippery yarn. i love the longer lengths when knitting flat because i have more control over the movement it seems. but i have gotten pretty use to the smaller lengths too so whatever is comfortable for you.

i have never used any straights but for the flex shaft needles from Clover. they are great too but like was mentioned before, when i get up i tend to lose them. when i drop a needle with my circs it is still connected to my work!
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