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Confused on finishing a sweater
I am working on an adult sweater that I have done the front and back pieces and both sleeves. I am on the next set of directions that is for the collar and the first thing it says is to "sew front raglan seams. Sew left back raglan seam." I think I must be missing something though. What exactly am I sewing? Am I sewing only the top triangle-type part that is shaping the neck? The raglan seams are where the sleeves should go but I have never done raglan before so I don't know if there is a special way of doing it.

Okay, you probably need a lot more info on this pattern than what I just gave. I can type whatever out I need to, or you can find it at under women's knit free patterns. It is the bernat denimstyle Knit turtleneck sweater. You have to become a member to actually see the pattern but it is free to do so. I am at the part of the pattern towards the very end titled COLLAR.

Thanks anyone for your help and for this forum! My family and I move around a lot (military life) so I don't have a group, or even one friend right now, that I can go to for knitting help. Thanks again!
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