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Gee, ya'll! I'm almost 56 years old, and I've always secretly wanted a tattoo!! My husband thinks they are "not for ladies!" Guess I won't be getting one, but when we were at Nag's Head,N.C. for a wedding the other week, a girl there (well she was 23) had the coolest tattoo right in the small of her back where you could see it if she wore a crop top and of course she did every chance she got, especially the night of the rehearsal, and after the wedding on the beach. It wasn't just a "delicate, ladylike tatoo, either--it was a lot like the one on your avatar, Silver!! SOOO cool! She said it took 5 hours and cost her $350.00, but I really thought it was a cool thing. She's studying to be a nurse...but boy that girl cannot hold her liquor!! She ended up tossing her cookies (after drinking rum the night before and beer) at the rehearsal party!! Then she passed out in her boyfriend's truck, and both of them had to be in the wedding the next day!! Needless to say, they were both wearing sunglasses at , ah, in the wedding! Oh well, look at the knitting grandma who wants a tattoo. HAHA! Silly me.
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