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I'm excited!!
Yeah so excited next Friday my mom is coming up and we are going to a knitting fling!! DH is watching the kids while we go from 6-midnight not sure we will stay that long since she is driving 4hrs the same day but I get to work with Alpaca wooohoooo!! I got a little skein from knitpicks awhile back to add to my mom's purse and was in looovveee with it and told my dh I want some for Christmas cause its kinda out of my normal knitting budget not kinda it is.. :rofling: but the class we will be doing is Alpaca wrap I'm so excited can't wait to knit with some Alpaca and I think its gonna be my grandmother's Christmas gift when I get it done so I get to knit with my mom at a knit party, get to knit with Alpaca, and get to cross another name off my Christmas knitting list

Last night mom was like I can't belive I'm doing this haven't knitted since mom did, I can only remeber how to do K, P, YO, and K2tog and here I'm gonna go knit in public!! I told her the wrap is all K with drop sts so it will be easy and we are using 15s she got nervous on me I told her it would be fine and that I haven't knitted with 15s for awhile either so it will be a change for my hands. LOL I was told no practicing with the 15s and to learn to knit slower with her my mom..

Well thanks for letting me ramble

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