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Re: Braided hat
Originally Posted by anise
Originally Posted by GrannySox
Hi Anise,
I love this pattern and started knitting it. I have a question tho......there are 3 'plain' rows between front cable and back cable, but then only 2 plain rows between the back and the front one again. Is this the way its sposed to be??

Granny :XX:
I'm not sure I understand your question.
I understand because I am running into the same problem as GrannySox. You have the row starting p1 and you also have p1 at the end of each row. But with the number of cast-on stitches, at the very end of the row, one ends up with TWO p1s (and then another to start the next row) so there are THREE p1s at the back of the hat. Is it supposed to be like this?
Thanks, Jen
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