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I never had a problem sewing... I think I was born to do it. I made a two piece bathing suit and fit in it perfectly, and I've made dresses and such since then. I've been sewing for a year It's a shame that a lot of you guys can't sew very well. I'm somewhat addicted. At least, I'm addicted to buying patterns hehe.

As for this semi tutorial, it's great Ingrid! I'm just a little confused as to how you'd knit the sleeves around. You said without cutting the steeks, you'd have no arm holes....that I understand because there was one a small hole left for the arm hole at a certain point and then u cast on and kept knitting in the round. But my question is, how did you go back and knit the sleeve down after acutally cutting the stitches? Maybe I'd have to try this to really understand, but I'm quite confused at the moment as to what you do right after cutting the steeks. Like how you finish it. How do you go about picking up stitches that aren't connected to any other stitches? or do you do that from the good side of the sewing?

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