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OT - Anyone else have issues with Dish Network DVR?
I switched from Directv to Dish Network a couple months ago because I wanted the DVR with Tivo. Before the end of the first week, we had the hard drive fail in the receiver, so we lost all the programming we had recorded. They sent us a new receiver and all was fine, until this past Sunday. I went to pull up a show that we had recorded for the kids and all of the recorded shows were gone. It still said that we had 37 hours left, but all the shows were gone. I tried troubleshooting, then called Dish Network. We did unplug the receiver last week (on Friday) for a couple hours, and evidently the tech said that sometimes power interruptions will make the hard drive fail, and since we unplugged it, they may void the warranty. WHAT?? What about when you lose power? This is crazy. If I hadn't signed the stupid 12 month agreement, I would cancel Dish Network right now and go back to Directv. This is twice now that we have lost all the programming we've recorded. Has this happened to anyone else??? :(
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