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It gets better....
I got the replacement receiver yesterday. I hooked it up, called Dish Network, waited 10 minutes for a tech, went through the whole process of activating the programming, hung up the phone, and the receiver resets itself, just like if you had hit the power button and reset it, the lights go off, then come back on the receiver, it searches for signal, loads in and the programming comes back on. So okay, I check all the connections and make sure everything is plugged in tight (it is), and it does it again, and again, get the picture. So I call Dish Network, wait 15 minutes for a tech and he asks if it is plugged into a surge protector. I say "yes" and they say "well these receivers are kind of finicky with some surge protectors - try plugging it directly into the wall and call back if you have problems". Ok, so I rearrange the cords and plug the receiver directly into the wall, and surprise it resets itself again. Now I'm really getting irritated, the kids are in bed, so some very colorful words are coming out of my mouth. My husband decided to try, so he calls, waits about 5 minutes, gets a tech who says it must be the vcr. What? The VCR was fine with the original receiver. But we humor him and switch it around, go through all the "point dish" and "check switch" stuff and the guy says to "call back if you have any more problems - thanks for calling Dish Network" and hangs up. As soon as my husband set the phone down, the receiver resets itself again. At this point I am missing Survivor - which I have never missed one episode in ANY season, and I'm really pissed. I call Dish Network, wait for a tech, interrupt his whole speech about how it could be this, or could be that, and I tell him I want a new receiver. He says ok, goes through the whole process of giving me the Return Authorization number and saying if they don't get the defective receiver back within 10 days of my receiving the replacement, then I will be charged, blah, blah, blah. Then he says that the replacement won't ship until Monday and I should receive it next Friday. So I ask if we can reactivate the original receiver that was having DVR issues, so we won't have to go without programming for 8 days. He tells me that is "impossible", that it has been disabled and there is no way to reactivate it and I am required to send it back as soon as possible or I will be charged. At this point my husband grabs the phone and tries to figure out why they can't just make a notation that we are sending the defective replacement back first so we can keep programming. After arguing for about 5 minutes, my husband asks to speak to a Supervisor, and the tech argues some more, then agrees to transfer him to a supervisor. He gets put on hold for 15 minutes, then they hang up on him. You could pretty much see the flames coming out of my husband's eyes. He called back, waited for a tech, demanded a Supervisor, explained the situation (for the 15th time), and finally got a Supervisor, who finally agreed to re-activate the original receiver, make a notation that the defective replacement would be coming back first, then we would send the original next week when we receive the next replacement. Oh, and they graciously gave us a month of free programming. At this point, if the next replacement is defective, I'm done with Dish Network.

Thanks for letting me rant, you guys are the best. Thanks Debi - maybe your dad and I should join forces and kick some Dish Network butt!! They made me miss Survivor, damn it.
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