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Hmmmm, yeah that's a great idea but, but there's a but, I hate driving too far by myself too. Binghamton is about 3 hours, not quite.
It would be a great summery thing. PA is not too far but I never go there. I wouldn't mind inviting you all to my place! I have a HUGE new sunporch that I'm actually thinking of turning into a knitting shop/class/get together place once it's finished (and as long as my DH doesn't mind which I don't think he will).

I'm in sheep/alpaca country too! Catskills, east of Binghamton about 3 hours I guess. Bovina Center. There are some really neat B & Bs in my little hamlet also. Well, let's kick it around and see what happens.
The other night I had some friends over and I excitedly pulled out my newest yarn which btw, is brilliant colors I got at the Wool & Sheep Festival, and they were like, 'ummmm, yawn, yes, isn't that lovely'' !!!!!!! So it would be nice to be around some ENTHUSED understanding knitters!

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