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thank you thank you thank you! It's so nice to feel caring out there.
And wow, I haven't heard from Amy for ever it feels. Thanks Amy!

Oh my god, that's such an unusual idea... the pineapple juice. Fibergirl!, wow, that's what I was searching for, something different. I keep thinking, I'll bet Indians had some outrageous herbs or something we don't know about. Pineapple juice sounds like it would dissolve hair sort of! and at least she wouldn't have time to hate it.

love that name CheetahcaledCloe! Thanks Carol!

She's come out from under the bed... she must be hearing this conversation. (I brushed her again this morning.) One thing I did last spring was give her a bath. I hate to do that but it sure gets lots and lots of hair off her. She was pretty complacent about it too, for the first time. Maybe I'll do that again.

love your hugs

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