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Originally Posted by Victoise
dustinac! I know, it's the Petromalt stuff in a tube? dark brown gooey. she LOVES it, thank god, licks it up off the tube end, but it's just not enough. (going out to buy pineapple juice now!)
We've tried the goo with Frida and she HATES it. We have brown goo all over our walls now from where she's shaken it off her face or paws. If I can get her to eat her furball treats (I got them at PetSmart), it does seem to help. But she goes through phases of liking them and not liking them. I think it depends on how hungry she is and how empty her food bowl is :rofling:

But of course, if it's really bothersome, definitely take her back to the vet to make sure there's not something more serious. Cats (animals in general really) will hide illness from you.
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