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As you knit row one, the right side (front/side you want the world to see) will be facing you. When you're done with that row, you switch your needles from one hand to the other to begin knitting row 2, correct? When you do this, the 'wrong side' or back of the work is facing you.

So in this pattern, every odd row is the right side as it faces you, and every even row is the wrong side as it faces you. As the pattern emerges after a few rows of knitting, it will become obvious which is right or wrong.

Just follow the directions and you'll be doing the exacly right thing.

Also you'll notice in this pattern that on every row you'll be knitting into the knit stitches and purling into the purl stitches--as they face you.--knitting into the v's and purling into the bumps.
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