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You're not being stupid, believe me. Before you begin the Kitchner stitch on the long strap, you had to break off the yarn in order to thread the needle. Then you wove that thread through the stitches on the the two dpns, gradually slipping the stitches off as you are finished with them. When you are done with the Kitchner stitching you will be left with a dangling thread with a needle on it. Use the needle to weave the remainder or part of it into the wrong side or inside section of the bag. Now, with the thread that is still attached to your ball of yarn begin the short strap. You'll do this by inserting a dpn into the stitches on the stitch holder. Insert another dpn into the first stitch knitwise. Drape a section of the thread from the ball of yarn about 4" from the end around the inserted needle and knit it in. Then just go about knitting from the ball of yarn as always. After you are done with the strap, you'll go back and weave the tail into the inside of the bag. Let me know if you need a picture and I'll give it a shot
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