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I'm so excited right now I can hardly contain myself!!!

My boyfriend bought me some more materials today to make my own needles. I got some Fimo polymer clay for the stoppers, some acrylic paints, some 400 grit sand paper (since all I had was 120), and some Polyurethane spray (clear) to spray on the finished, painted needles. Oh and I got some quilt batting too for when I bake the stoppers onto the needles. That way they don't flat from laying down or get a funky spot on them.

I just did a test in the oven...because I wanted to make sure my quilt batting wouldn't melt...loL. The clay came out great and the batting held up just fine. I put some baking soda on it too so I don't get that funky "I'm baking clay" smell in the house or oven. Plus, I do need to make a homeade lasagna tonight for I reallyyy didn't want a stinky oven.

Anways, I'm making size 10 1/2 needles right now and I should have them complete by tomorrow and I'll post a pic.

Sheesh, as if I needed another hobby right?????
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