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Grafting the Toe
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The hat is for my niece :rollseyes:

Originally Posted by KellyK
This hat has some kind of bad shushu surrounding it!!
You must be right. :(

Originally Posted by Koolbreeze
you say there is more to this hat!? and its for a child! wow i must be missin something. seems kind of big!
Carmell --

It's one of those hats where you knit one side (using a provisional cast-on), then you come back & get those lives stitches, and knit another hat in the other direction. When you're done, you shove the 2nd hat inside the 1st hat, and you have a double layer. You can use two different colors, too, but I didn't.

It also looks big 'cause I have it hanging down on a container that is too small to fill it. I'm hoping that washing & blocking will take the lumpiness away.[/quote]
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