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Last Minute gift WIP
Hello everyone! Well, this is just too much fun and I'm so glad that I found this site.

I need some positive feedback on my current WIP. A little over two weeks ago, my baby brother (OK, he's 35 but still!) announced that he was getting married! Wonderful news but... not much time to knit a gift. My idea was a throw so I've been knitting in every spare minute to finish it. He does cross-stitch so he will appreciate the time, effort and love that goes into a gift like this!

I am using two strands of yarn - Lion Brand Homespun and Caron "Pounds of Love". The LB is a verigated called "Corinthian" with red, gold, purple, green, blue... rich fall colors! And the Caron is a cranberry color. I'm using size 15 circular needles. I cast on 85 stitches to start.

The pattern is fairly simple: Knit first and last 8 rows for border
RS rows - knit all stitches
WS rows - k4, *P2, K3*, repeat until last 6 stitches then P2, K4
The finished product SHOULD have a garter stitch border with knit and purl rows running up and down the throw.

So.. that's the idea. It's a fairly good idea too but I've had those little brain blips where I botch the pattern and have to fix it on the next row. And I have to fix them because they mess up the flow if I don't! Anyway, the wedding is tomorrow and I am down to the last 5 inches! The total size will be 48"x60". I swear, I will finish this throw and have it washed, dried and gift wrapped before I go to bed tonight but... I am feeling some self-doubt creeping in.

You know, "what was I thinking?" "is this a stupid idea?" "will I ever finish?" "wonder why I dream that I'm knitting every night?"

So... I am being pitiful and needy and have no friends who knit and wonder if any of you have ever felt this way about a gift project. And, if I need a good solid slap, a fellow knitter is the one to administer it!

So... I'm Angela and that's my story.
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