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Doubled DayFlower Lace Scarf Pattern (Wider Variation)
I finished knitting this scarf for my mother, but she says that it is not W-I-D-E enough & that she wants me to double the dayflower pattern per row, but i cannot seem to figure it out. Has anyone attempted to do this? I'm trying to have the repeat pattern without the extra rows of knit, knit, knit... etc., & instead have a hole (YO or whatever) in between the pattern repeat w/ the same border as the original pattern.

Here's an example of what i would want it to look like. The original pix is from, which i altered.

Here also is the original pattern.

I've tried different combos of this pattern by repeating w/out using the last YO in the row (& stitches following it) and cont. w/ the 1st YO of the row all the way to the end of the row, but this doesn't work b/c stitches don't add up. I can't believe how complicated this has become for me.
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