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Thank you, thank you!
Thank you, thank you! I'm quite proud of 'em and amazed that I don't have any problems with it SO extra stitches, no big loopies, etc. Of course, it IS going rather slowly, but I figure when I finish, I'll be happy with end product. <keeping fingers crossed>

I'm not following a pattern for the sweater...instead I'm following what my mom tells me. I've taught her how to read some basic patterns...she just kinda KNOWS what to do. OK, Tiffany, now decrease here by doing this, and now do it every other row...and now work it in pattern for x many more inches...

I have to keep a log of which row I just completed or I'm lost.

The charts -- everyone tells me that charts are easier to read once you learn how...but I'm the impatient sort (I blame it on being an Aries...I never learn the basics, I just jump into the complicated, hence the cables on my first sweater) and want it written out so I can just DO IT. LOL But I have no doubt that I will prevail...eventually!

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