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It is VERY LOOSELY based on THIS PATTERN, which Ive made before. You can really add any design to it, and Silver was kind enough to help me with a chart for the Sox logo.

Here's what I did with the pattern this time:

LionBrand Woolease
Sz 6 16" circ

CO 81 sts provisionally
Join to work in round
Knit 50 rows (incorporating whatever design or stripes you wish)
k7, k2tog around
k around
k6, k2tog around
k around
k5, k2tog around
k around
k4, k2tog around
k3, k2tog around
k2, k2tog around
k1, k2tog around
k2tog around
run yarn through 9 sts & pull tight.
Pick up provisional sts
knit hat in opposite direction
shove on half of hat into the other, lining up tops
tack tops of hat together by pulling tail through & weaving tail into the opposite side of the hat, hide tail in between layers.
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