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Joining squares for a Blanket
Hi! So far I LOVE this site! In one hour you have fixed my edges and showed me how to bind off properly! Thank you!

Now that I've kissed up a little, I would like some more help, please.

I'm making a blanket for my daughter using Paton's Melody Quick and Cozy in Pastel Clouds colour for the squares, (I'm making a bunch of squares and want to join them together with the Quick and Cozy in Natural) and was wondering what would be the best method for joining them together? I was kind of thinking of making it so that each square is surrounded by a 2" border in the Natural and there is a 2" border all the way around in the Natural. I'm using 9mm needles for the squares if that makes a difference.

I'm making things up as I go, so any suggestions would be of great help. So far my pattern is: Cast on 18. Knit 22 rows. Cast off. I would like the border to be a bit different, but really simple (I'm a beginner.).

Thanks so much!
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