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FO: Hat done!
As some of you may recall, I started a hat last Monday while waiting at the dr's office w/ the kids.

Well, I finished it over Thanksgiving. Here's DD modeling it for me:

The best part is that I started a knitting FRENZY while we were there!!! While I was sitting there talking w/ my SIL, I picked up some extra needles and extra yarn & cast on a few stitches and handed it to her. Then I just started showing her what to do, and she was hooked. ;-) (hee hee) She never really did get a chance to knit a whole lot, but she enjoyed what she did and was very proud of herself.

On top of *that*, two of my nieces and my "niece-in-law" (married to my nephew) picked up some "Nifty Knitters" that were lying around and started making stuff w/ those, too! Niece-in-law finished a cute hat, one niece was determined to make a scarf (but I think she ran out of time), and the other is working on a hat, too. It was so fun. I can't wait to see what everyone shows up with at Christmas.

Anyway, back to the hat above. It's made w/ Lion Brand Magic Stripes in Jelly Bean, and the pattern is here. The yarn washed up to be much softer than I expected; it was really quity stiff and scratchy to start with.

I'll be shipping this off to my niece in CO tomorrow!! My first completed gift.
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