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I just finished a hat like this with 1.5 inches of ribbing on the bottom edge. It came out pretty well, but there are a few things I'd do differently the next time.

First, I "forgot" to do the ribbing on a needle a size or two smaller. It was my first provisional cast on, then joining to work in the round, and I guess my brain went on a temporary holiday! Anyway, the ribbing DOES help the hat stay on ( and makes it extra cozy over the ears) even though mine isn't quite as tight as I'd like.

When I went back to the provisional cast on to do the 'second' hat, I didn't like the way the two ribbings were matching up (not well), so I did one row of all knit before starting the ribbing on the second hat. This LOOKS nice and gives a smooth color join, however, the bottom edge of the finished hat is a little thick right at the color change. I think next time I'll PURL the row between hats and hopefully it will lay a little flatter.

I also noticed (as I was putting away my Denise's) that I'd knittind the whole thing with one size 6 point and one size 7 on the second circ I used when the hat got too small for just one circ. Can't really tell from looking at it and my DS won't care, but it was a real moment when I noticed. Oh well! :rofling:

Happy Hat Knitting :XX: :XX:

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