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Originally Posted by liznwillow
such beautiful colors!

So... how difficult is the booga bag?
Ooo Ooo Pick me!!! I can answer that! I'm on my 5th Booga-style bag. I say "Booga-style" because I've modified it using the Oregon Tote pattern. Basically, I've made it the same size as the Booga, used two strands of yarn instead of one, and then used three of the techniques from the Oregon Tote pattern to make it just a tad bit nicer. I can't share the techniques, though, 'cause the Oregon Tote is not a free pattern.

However, the Booga itself, is really quite easy. I think the hardest part is picking up the stitches around the base after you knit it. After that, it's just knit, knit, knit until it's tall enough. I highly recommend using 2 strands of yarn to make it, though. One -- especially one of Kureyon -- is quite thin.
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