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Originally Posted by amy
Yeah k4bb, 3 stitches isn't enough to prevent sides from curling. And even 5 stitches can look like it wants to curl in, if you know what I mean. Even if it stays in place, the stockinette can look puckered, like it's trying to curl.

Stockinette's tendency to curl is VERY strong. I personally tend to just avoid stockinette altogether for scarves, unless it's knit in the round.

If you like the stockinette look, a similar effect is to make a scarf in k1p1 ribbing. It lays flat and looks very stockinette-ish, since it contracts and you end up looking at all V's. Rather like a reversible stockinette. But you have to like working in ribbing, or want to get good practice at it.
Thank you, Amy. I knew I wasn't crazy!

I think I looked at afghan patterns and just assumed they were transferrable to anything knitted flat. I am learning so much about fabric and dimensions and stuff here! Cool Stuff!
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