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Originally Posted by DiDDlez22
Thank you gies so much for your welcomes!!
I like it here because everyone is so nice and friendly!!
I finished my project and it had one half purple chenille and one half green chenills and then I had fringe on the end that was like a blue-green and I thought it was very nice for a first REAL knitted gift!! I have been knitting for awhile but haven't given any gifts until know!! Now, I have given 2!! My best friend got the scarf and liked it and then another friend got a little change purse!! and...I learned that even though the project is small...does NOT mean it is easy!! so... I now start a NEW scarf for my mothers friend and a baby hat!! :D
And... I will try not to be to shy as a newbie!!
Wow, you've been busy!

And we like photos of finished work, so please share!
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