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I'm really liking Bob, and I've had cotton yarn I want to turn into Blaze from one of these days too!

As far as gauge issues and hanging, I think I told this story once before, but it bears repeating.

I made a relatively long sweater jacket for DD - about midway down thigh out of Homespun (I know :rollseyes: - this is why I don't like Homespun anymore.) It was on rather large needles - size 11 I think - which isn't all THAT big for the diameter of Homespun. Measuring flat everything was perfect. I seamed the whole thing up, put pretty purple grosgrain ribbon on the buttonhole placket and lovely hand carved wooden buttons. Looked stupendous if I do say so myself.

DD is 5'2" and about 110 lbs. She put this beautiful FO on and......

Armholes hung about midway to her elbows, sleeves completely covered her hands with a couple inches to spare, and the length was closer to mid-calf than mid-thigh! :crying: :rollseyes:

The fabric especially in Homespun was VERRRRRRYYYYYYY stretchy!

She still loved the color and pattern soooo... using the same yarn (I know, why did I do this to myself ) I started over downsizing the needles by three sizes, reswatching, then rewriting almost the whole pattern to deal with the stretchiness of the yarn. It's ALMOST finished, but it's the project I HATE, and only work on when there's nothing else on needles (ie: hardly ever), but it will be finished someday, and DD asks about it occasionally.

So what happened to the first version of this sweater, you ask?
My SO's DD is 5'10", and a very "statuesque" build. She tried it on and it fit PERFECTLY!!! It was her Christmas present in 2004, and she wears it frequently, and it washes nicely.
Of course this size small sweater turned into an extra-large! :rofling:

Moral of the story: if the item is extra heavy, long, or the yarn is apt to stretch a lot, do the gauge swatch to account for the weight of the finished garment. foldedbirds explaination of how to do this is good, and I think the book "Knitting in the Old Way" also explains how to do this type of swatch.

On a positive note: Homespun is the ONLY yarn I've ever had this problem with.

Happy Swatching :XX: :XX:

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