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Yay! I was just eyeing sweaters longingly.

I think I've decided on Tempting: from knitty.....

I've been eyeing it awhile I feel like I can manage it. I'm WAY curvy, my waist to hip ratio is freakish at best, so this close fitting kind of sweater is what I always look for, but rarely find.

I'm gonna make my first sweater AND join my first KAL! I'm excited. I may lengthen the sleeves a bit on this one if I can figure out how, as I prefer a cap or a 3/4 to a true short sleeve - which this appears to me. I'm hoping it will be as simple as extending the pattern a few inches for the sleeves. *crosses fingers* I may do the same to lengthen the bodice if I need to. Crops don't work on me, and normal length slook cropped cuzza my hips.

Cool idea to make it progressive and several projects long Hildie. Awesome KAL...there's something for everyone in this one.
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