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Drum Strap??
this is my first post on this website but have floated around this forum for the past couple of weeks. um but i have a problem..... i just got a drum the other day. its sort of like a conga if u are familiar with drums or anything but its called a djembe and theres just a handle to carry it. but i would like to create a strap to carry it with but this drum is probably close to a good 10 pounds or more and slightly big. i was wondering instead of yarn can i use hemp for the strength factor and then just knit a strap like a scarf and then tie it to the drum at both ends? so basically is it possible to knit with hemp?? recommendations otherwise if cant use hemp please....also what kind of stitch pattern is recommended if using to carry something? if there really isnt a standard stitch pattern for weight what would you knitters recommend?? i guess i should say that i am familiar with knitting as well lol. i have knit a couple of hats and done a bunch of scarves. i know the basics ribbing, pearl, knit, bind off, and some other stuff. thanks again...

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