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Is it possible I CAN'T learn to knit?
:crying: For the past two years I have attempted to learn to knit on and off, sometimes when a friend has a spare moment, sometimes with a group. I haven't signed up for formal lessons yet since I'm still not certain I can learn. They talk about muscle memory kicking in but it hasn't yet. I work two mornings a week as a hostess and during this time I take the little bit of knitting I have (almost all done by friends trying to teach me), and ask for help. Is it possible some of us just aren't wired right? Has anyone else had this kind of track record? It took me 3 tries to get my driver's license. I do have higher education but that's book learning. Knitting is different. Trouble is, I LOOK like someone's loveable grandmother with a face that looks like its been knitting all my life. Maybe nobody believes that I REALLY CAN'T KNIT YET. Help! Pinkish
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