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I'm ready to give up..please help
I am desperately trying to finish a project. I want so badly to make things but I never seem to get finished with them--the things I do finish I end up doing on a loom (which feels like cheating--it's not what I WANT to do). I have been diligently working on ipod socks b/c they are a basic rib knit stitch and they're small-so I'm less likely to get discouraged and quit. I know the stitches--at least the basics but I always seem to screw something up that I can't fix and I end up yanking all of my stitches out and started over or on something new.

Tonight I was working away on my sil's ipod sock and I screwed up--I don't know what I did but when I got to the end of the row, I was short a stitch. I tried and tried to look at my knitting and find my mistake but I couldn't so I decided to pull out just a few rows. While doing so I cried (seriously--while my dh looked like he wanted to run away and continuously told me that it wasn't work crying over...which it is). I pulled off two rows--got my needle back through all of the loops (painstakingly), only to find I had put my needle in backwards--I had to move all of the loops to my other needs to get my fabric back on the right side. I was starting to feel okay--I finished the row (my yarn-basic boring acrylic--was splitting and I was struggling to get the whole piece instead of parts of strands), turned to the next row, only to find that I was again short a stitch. I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS WRONG!!! I'm reluctant to pull out the stitches again b/c my yarn is getting yucky (frayed and split) and b/c it didn't help before...why would it now! I don't know what to do--I'm ready to scream. I'm tired of starting things that I can't finish. I wanted to do a Booga bag so bad and Angelia kept telling me it'd be a great beginner project but I'd be so pissed if I screwed up just like I keep doing on something as small and simple as these stupid ipod socks (especially since I bought NORO to do my booga bag). help guys--what do I do? Do I frog it and start over (these stupid things are supposed to take about 2 hours--so far I've put double that in and I'm only half way finished--I'm SLOW). I hate to start over but I don't think I can fix what I'm working on. Everytime I have to pull something apart--I get more frustrated and less likely to want to try something new. I know the stitches and God knows I've practiced a come it seems like I just can't get anything completed w/o screwing up?!?!?!? Help...sorry to whine...I'm really frustrated.

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