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Originally Posted by FiberGirl
Just so you know, the Kiwi has certain accessories as well - there's a high speed flyer for finer weight yarns and a jumbo flyer for bulkier yarns. The lazy kate only holds 2 spare bobbins, tho, while the Traditional holds 3. The Kiwi is a bit more portable and it's super cute IMHO. I've spun on both and both are great, so either way you go, you'll be all set! I have a slight bias for the Kiwi tho, since that's what I own. Easy to put together too
I am definately debating both. I love the traditional look of the traditional but how portable the kiwi is.

I am not sure if 2 or 3 bobbins on the lazy kate make a difference to me....

I basically am just going to go test drive them both and see how like 'em.
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