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Re: What kind of spindle/wheel do you use?
Originally Posted by YarnMommy
Yay! We have a spinning forum!

So, what kind(s) do you use, and what do you love and hate about them?

I used a Louet spindle (the one with the sheep on it), and it was ok, I was just bad at spindling.

I have a homemade Louet-alike wheel I got off of ebay for a steal, and am currently trying to decide on what color to stain it. I really love the wheel! I've found that if you are treadling slowly that you can get the little black knob stuck at the top, but other than that it is perfect!

Also, do you have a name for your wheel/spindle?
I have NO idea what my drop spindle is. Although I am not doing that great of a job at using it either. I feel like I need three hands and then all would be ok.

My DH surprised me last night by saying i can get a wheel. We are going this weekend to "test drive" a couple. I am thinking about the Ashford Kiwi and the Ashford Traditional. They are both in my price range. I am kinda leaning towards the Traditional because I like the traditional look. But I want to try them both out to see which one feels better to work with. ( I have a habit of choosing things for their beauty rather than their functionality.) I just can't wait until Saturday I feel like my kids on Christmas Eve!
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