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Originally Posted by Ronda
Hi Rebecca! I have no clue what's going on, but I hope you're up and about soon. I've missed your comments on the board! Take care of yourself. BTW, I'm not bedridden and *I* have problems keeping up with all the posts on this board! Hugs to you!
I'm sorry, I just generally expect everyone to read my mind...LOL! Long story short, I am disabled bc of many, many hip replacements; other hip/leg surgeries; hip dislocations, etc & live in pain...although sometimes worse than others. It's not so bad as it sounds...I'm alive & not dying and am better than millions of people. There are times throughout the year that the doc puts me on bedrest & sometimes I have to go in hospital for pain control (but haven't had to do that lately, thank God!). Well, we were vacationing after Christmas & on the last day as Lonnie (my sweet husband) was moving the van around to the sliding doors in the sweet, the front door was opening bc our 'do not disturb' sign had blown off and as she did this Sally (our mini doxie that travels with us) took off for the door & as she did so my instinct was to jump up to get her & as I did, I did so on my bad leg, of course, no crutches, of course..and fell...well, the very nice cleaning lady that was trying to come in to clean was then trying to continue to come in to see if I was okay & I was pleading with her to please close the door & that I was okay (not..LOL) bc I was afraid that Sally might bite her or get out! So, doc put me on bed rest for a while.
Now, I have been knitting just a bit bc I've not felt like knitting much even though I usually knit more & even more when I'm hurting badly, but not so much this time; but a little bc it helps keep my mind off of my pain.
I have just browsed through all of your FOs & WIPs....MARVELOUS, my friends, just GAWGEOUS work!! I can't wait to be back full time! I must get back in bed now, but I check in from time to time & ya'll have really, I a mean REALLLLLY made me feel so much better in spirit....thanks so much to each & every one of you!
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