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Originally Posted by KellyK
I will make a Julies hat with my Apricot Shine for the 2/3 yr old little girl. And maybe some matching socks??

Would the 17-yr old girl like a hat in the apricot color? Maybe with matching wrist warmers?

And, I will definitely do clogs for someone. Will just need sizes. I guess those can wait until Julie gets back to you, Julie.

Edited 'cause I got my teenage girls mixed up.
I think the 17yo girl would LOVE the hat and wrist warmers!!! Go for it!

As for clog sizes ... oh, my. Well, I just don't know. Maybe men's medium and instructions for felting? Although then you couldn't make them slip resistant. :thinking: Hmmm ... deserves some pondering.

Oh, and I think all of you need to change your name to "Julie" because this isn't confusing enough.

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