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Kelly --

That is so cool! And, yes, I would think that a note inside would be a great idea. Oooo ... and something else just came to mind ... what if we offered to teach knitting classes to the kids when they're up there!!!!??? There are at least 2 or 3 teenage girls that are getting treatments, and I can see that this would be a cool thing for them to get into.

They already have an art group coming in about once a week, but what if we offered to come in once a month or something (or maybe Dana could help us out rounding up volunteers, too) ... that would be so cool. Most of the projects they currently offer up there are geared to preschool- & early elementary-aged kids. I think something for the upper elementary & teenage kids would be really neat!!! And what if they included the Mom's (and Dads?) as well??? OK ... I'm thinking out loud now ...

Hmmm :thinking: Let me talk to Julie.
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