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Swatch/gauge question
I got my Debbie Bliss /cotton-wool yarn in today. Just stunning, light slate blue. I'm glad I opted for a cotton/wol blend over a cotton, the wool does give it a little spring.

I'm knitting the hourglass sweater(last minute gifts). The recommended needle is 3 and gauge is 25 =4". I was so excited to find a cotton that I didn't pay that close attention to the recommendations. :rollseyes:. Which could of been a real problem, but knitted it up and though the stitches could be a little tighter--you can't see through the stitches :D .

Q.#1. I need to get a gauge of 19=4". I'm getting 20=4", should I move down a needle size (I'm using a 6 now). If I move down I'll be using a 5.

Q.#2. I'm a 38 bust, and the size for the pattern go from 37, 41, 45. (This is the finished size) Which size should I use. I was thinking 41?

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