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First knit row loop problem
I keep having the same problem and it is starting to drive me nutz. I do my slip knot, cast on my stitches, and then knit my first row. At the end of my first row, no matter what I seem to do, I have this loop of yarn left.

Of course, when I am done knitting my piece, I also have the 2 tails as well that I have to sew back into the piece, but in my Stitch n Bitch book, I see no mention of this loop issue, so I'm not sure how to fix it.

Any advice? Is this normal?

To make things a bit easier, here are step by step pictures of how I end up with this loop ::

01 - A slip knot - with the tail to the left and the ball of yarn to the right

02 - 20 cast-on stitches (using the double cast-on method)

03 - 1st stitch knitted, but not yet tightened (using the continental method)

04 - 1st stitch tightened with extra string in between the needles (this will eventually become the loop I mentioned)

05 - More knitted stitches, with more extra yarn

06 - First knitted row finished

07 - The loop in question show with slip knot still in-tact @ the end of the first knitted row

This only happens at the end of my first knitted row of stitches; otherwise, all other rows are normal
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