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wow... i learned a lot just by reading!!!! now i know curling wasn't me doing something wrong. :D

thank you very much for videos and such. it helps newbies a LOT.

Originally Posted by Amy
If you like the stockinette look, a similar effect is to make a scarf in k1p1 ribbing. It lays flat and looks very stockinette-ish, since it contracts and you end up looking at all V's. Rather like a reversible stockinette. But you have to like working in ribbing, or want to get good practice at it.
er, a question. like Amy suggested, i tried to rib. as in k1p1. so if you are an english knitter who holds yearn on her right hand, do you have to 'untwist' every time you switch from knitting or purling? i find it very annoying and more importantly time consuming. is there any other way to do it? (or am i doomed? ) or should i change to continental?
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