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I highly suggest you donate your extra yarn if you don't have anything else to do with it. Knitting for charity or for those in need can make you run through yarn like nobody's business. It only takes me a couple hours to knit a hat, and since I have nothing else to do with my day, I pump out quite a few hats which I donate to the foster children in my area. Hats, scarves, I'll even go purchase big chunks of yarn to knit blankets and such. I go through yarn like nobody's business! For every hat I knit for family or friends, I use the remaining yarn to knit hats to donate to charity. You'd be amazed at how far s ome extra yarn can go.
I do take in homeless yarns if anyone has any left overs, or if you want to donate finished objects I'll take those, too!

It's really great to have an amazing group of people to talk about these things with. You guys are great!!
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