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Help with sweater pattern?
I am diligently working on that sweater I am making for my nephew, and it was coming out cute, and then all of a sudden, bam. something was off.

So I started making a chart. I figure, I must have dropped a stitch somewhere, but if I have a chart, it will at least be easier to read the darn pattern.

except, what the monkey is yoking? It's right at the end. So confused!

Next row, knit all sts to neck opening, cast on 4 sts, join as one piece again and continue knitting on other side. Work 6 rows garter st. then 6 rows keeping Garter st at ends and yoke 32 (36, 38)sts , and center sts in st st. Continue in this manner working to correspond to other side, BINDING off 25 (29, 33) sts instead of casting on. 32 (36, 38 sts). Work garter st for 6 , (7, 7 ) Bind off.
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