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I am currently using Bath & Body Works' Skin Repair Healing Body Butter that my sweetie gave me & it is working very, very well. I had been using their Rice Flower & Shea Cream which also works very, very well. It's a toss up between the 2...I think that the Skin Repair line seems to be working better.
I also use a paraffin spa ( Lonnie surprised me with it, too :D ) on my hand, feet, elbows and anything I can get in there! It works well on the skin and helps with aches & much so that we are on the look out for a brush (perhaps a BBQ brush) that will withstand the hot wax so that we can brush it on my hip & leg! Then, when I'm done with the paraffin I've rubbed my bamboo dpns vigourously between my palms & they seem to soak up the residue that is left over from the wax & become smoother to knit with
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